WW5917S-TL 4 1/2x16" sølvlakkert

Artikkelnr.: WW5917S-TL

Aston Martin 2 Litre Sports (DB1); DB2; and DB2/4 Mk I, II and III 4½" x 16" Tubeless

NOK7 296,00 inkl. mva.


Rim Size 4½" x 16"
Centre 42mm Vintage One-piece Ribbed
Number of Spokes 60
Finish Silver-painted, also available in chrome
Lacing Special Aston Martin lacing pattern - laced one line to the inner part of the rim and two lines to the outer part so it looks like inner and outer lacing but is technically three line lacing
Outset (mm) 3.7
Back Spacing (mm) 66.5 (+/- 3)
Notes We recommend the use of stick-on balance weights on the rear of the rim for this wheel
Warranty Two year structural and one year cosmetic
Notes Wheel price does not include knock-on cap (spinner)