Aluminum Polish - 0,24 liter

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0,24 liter

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0,24 liter

What you’re about to use may cause temporary blindness by your own reflection!
At Surf City Garage, we know what it’s like to deal with stubborn, tarnished aluminum. We also know that it should take little effort to get it back to the way it should be – restored to it’s maximum shine. Economy brand polishes claim to clean, but use harsh abrasives that ultimately leave behind scratches. Well, we’ve found the secret to an unparalleled shine without the elbow grease, Surf City Garage’s Aluminum Polish. This perfect polish works twice as fast, is easier to use and chemically cleans, leaving behind a scratch-free, reflective shine that exceeds Surf City Garage’s Enthusiast Grade® standards. Go ahead, put on your shades and polish at your eyes’ own risk with Aluminum Polish.