Whitewall Tire Brown Buster - 12 oz

Artikkelnr.: 12oz

Whitewall Tire Brown Buster er et produkt til hvitsider som hjelper å holde de rene og pene lenger. Kan også fjerne gulning/bruning av hvitsider. Bruksanvisning følger med - denne må følges så godt det lar seg gjøre.

NOK499,00 inkl. mva.


  • Restore brown-stained whitewall tires.
  • Why do whitewall tires turn brown? It starts when the tire is being manufactured. To keep the rubber from sticking to the metal mold, a mold release agent is used by the tire manufacturer.
  • Sadly, this same material can burn like butter in a frying pan if the temperature is too high, leaving a brown, sticky substance embedded deeply into the whitewall tire pores.
  • This trapped chemical subsequently escapes with a rise in temperature, even in the sunlight and when rotating on your car. Upon cooling, more of this trapped chemical will ooze out causing your whitewalls to become noticeably brown.
  • Our whitewall tire brown buster can remove the brown stains and replace them with a pure, food-grade filler material to make your whitewalls look new again.
  • Using this product is a four step process. This is not a "wipe-on, wipe-off" type product. Removing brown stains has been nearly impossible in days gone by. This product will require a modest amount of effort but your work will be rewarded, saving you hundreds of dollars or more replacing your tires and having to dismount, mount and balance new tires.
  • Recommended to repeat every 12 months.
  • Note: In testing this product has also helped restore yellow-stained whitewalls. However, not all yellow stains can be removed, particularly where they have existed for months or years and the tire has been cleaned with products containing harmful agents such as bleach and lye. SOS, Comet, AJAX and Brillo are known to turn whitewalls yellow and in some cases, no product can restore them.
  • Whitewall Tire Brown Buster is useful on Suretrac, Remington, Milestar, Travelstar and other imported and domestic tire brands where the whitewall has turned brown.
  • Available in 12 ounce and 32 ounce containers. The 12 ounce size is good for four tires and the 32 ounce container will work on 12 tires.
  • It is terribly important that you follow our instructions to the letter for best result. 
  • This product takes some effort but the result is worth it. You can literally save a set of spoiled tires.
  • Do not use on motorcycle or bike tires.