XW455C/3-TL 5x15" krommet

Artikkelnr.: XW455C/3-TL

Alvis TD/TE/TF 21; Daimler 250 V8 Saloon to late 1967; Jaguar Mk I 2.4; Jaguar Mk II 2.4, 3.4 and 3.8; Jaguar E-type Series I 3.8; Jaguar E-type Series I 4.2 to late 1967; Jaguar S-type 3.4 to late 1967; Jaguar 420 to late 1967; Jensen 541 and CV8 5"

NOK7 057,00 inkl. mva.


Rim Size 5" x 15"
Centre 52mm Curly
Number of Spokes 72
Finish Chrome, also available in stainless steel and silver-painted
Lacing Inner & Outer
Inset (mm) 20.6
Back Spacing (mm) 97 (+/- 3)
Tubed/Tubeless? Tubeless - see below
Notes All MWS chrome wire wheels are manufactured using stainless steel spokes and nipples
Warranty Three year structural and two year cosmetic
Notes Wheel price does not include knock-on cap (spinner)