XW5720C/2-TL 5 1/2x15" krommet

Triumph TR 2; Triumph TR 3; Triumph TR 3A; Triumph TR 4; Triumph TR 4A; Triumph TR 5; Triumph TR 6; and Triumph 250 PI 5½" x 15" Tubeless

NOK7 175,00 inkl. mva.


Rim Size 5½" x 15"
Centre 42mm Curly
Number of Spokes 70
Finish Chrome, also available in silver-painted
Lacing Centre
Outset (mm) 10
Back Spacing (mm) 73 (+/- 3)
Tubed/Tubeless? Tubeless - see below
Notes All MWS chrome wire wheels are manufactured using stainless steel spokes and nipples
Notes Due to the positioning of the centre in relation to the rim you will require an extra deep wooden spinner saver (see link below)